In Wheel Time Car Talk

In Wheel Time Car Talk

The In Wheel Time Car Talk Podcast is a 30-minute version of the In Wheel Time live automotive talk show simulcasting every Saturday from 8a-11aCT. The LIVE broadcast covers a wide variety of content that automotive enthusiast find interesting - including new car reviews and maintenance tips that can be found here.

Join Don Armstrong, Michael Marrs, Konrad DeLong and Jeff Dziekan, LIVE every Saturday from 8a-11aCT.

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Recent Episodes

Consumer Report's Alex Knizek is talking about Hybrids EVs and Full EVs...and we take a look at the Soap Box Derby.

March 30, 2023

Consumers look to Consumer Reports for buying information on a variety of things, and we like to talk with the automotive group. In this episode of In Wheel Time Car Talk, we get a chance to visit with Alex Knizek and we are…

We are talking 'EVs' with Buzz Smith, the EV-angelist and it is This Week In Auto History!

March 29, 2023

Joining us on this episode of In Wheel Time Car Talk, it is our favorite EV guy - Richard 'Buzz' Smith, the EV-angelist. As his name indicates, Buzz is a big advocate of EVs, working with facts and logic to help educated us…

Mov'n vehicles across the state, across the country - we learn how. We review the 2023 F-Raptor~

March 28, 2023

There comes a time when a lot of us have to move - like move across the state, across the country or wherever. Sometimes, we can drive all our vehicles, so we need a transport company....who? where? Then there is the busin…

Naperville High rolls south to the Texas Mile!

March 27, 2023

We start this episode of In Wheel Time Car Talk with our guest, Greg Ditch, who is at the Texas Mile with his High School Auto Class. They left Napperville, Illinois, with their shop built S-10, intending on running at the …

Extended Warranties, timing belts vs. timing chains, and some upcoming Events...

March 26, 2023

On this episode of In Wheel Time Car Talk, we talk about some extended warranty aspects, look at who is still using timing chains vs. timing belts, and we talk about some upcoming events....all the while 'piddling' with some…

Auto Journalist Jack Nerad is here, and we have 'This Week In Auto History'.

March 24, 2023

Writers are writers, no mater the subject, but it does seem that some are better than others. Noted author Jack Nerad is a writer, working on books as well as articles for a variety of publications. Jack is also host of th…