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March 24, 2023

Auto Journalist Jack Nerad is here, and we have 'This Week In Auto History'.

Auto Journalist Jack Nerad is here, and we have 'This Week In Auto History'.
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Writers are writers, no mater the subject, but it does seem that some are better than others.  Noted author Jack Nerad is a writer, working on books as well as articles for a variety of publications.  Jack is also host of the nationally syndicated program "America on the Road".

Jack joins us today to talk about some of his latest automotive exploits - what new cars he has driven as well some some of his personal favorites.  We even get his take on what to get for 'a daughter' in today's car market.

EVs take more and more headlines, including the variations on the Tax Credits, as well as something called Efuels and how the extra weight of an EV may be an issue.

In out Feature Segment, Konrad DeLong presents 'This Week In Auto History'.

All this and more on this episode of In Wheel Time Car Talk.

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