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May 23, 2023

A look at Formula 1 Technology with Steven Rendle and time for 'Konrad's Car Clinic'.

A look at Formula 1 Technology with Steven Rendle and time for 'Konrad's Car Clinic'.
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Formula 1 racing is a very high-end and expensive endeavor.  The cars are considered things of beauty and engineering marvels.  Currently, all F1 cars run the same motor - a V6 capable of 850 horsepower at 16,000 rpm!

They may not be the absolute fastest, but add in the cornering ability and braking that can create enough g-force to hurt a driver, and they become automotive marvels.

Author Steve Rendle joins us from the UK to talk about his book on the technology that goes into an F1.

In our feature segment, it is Master ASE Tech Konrad DeLong with the Car Clinic and he is talking about piston rings - what they are, what they do, and how some of them work.

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