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May 10, 2023

EV headlines and more from the 'EV-angleist' Richard 'Buzz' Smith and a look at 'This Week in Auto History'.

EV headlines and more from the 'EV-angleist' Richard 'Buzz' Smith and a look at 'This Week in Auto History'.
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Whether you are talking politics, stories on auto consumers or even some of the early morning 'family news' shows, Electric Vehicles are getting headlines.  So much that it is often hard to figure out what is what.  When that happens, we turn to Richard 'Buzz' Smith, the EV-anglist.  

Buzz is a well known EV enthusiast that uses his ability to make common sense presentation full of information for consumers.  People like us!

Join us as Buzz talks about new battery technology that is being developed as well as some of the new EVs he has encountered.  EarthX is another sustainability event that showcases many of the new EV developments that Buzz was a speaker at.  So there is a lot of information for Buzz to share every time he can find time to join us!

In our Feature Segment, Konrad Delong takes a look at the event 'This Week In Auto History."

All this and more on this episode of In Wheel Time Car Talk!

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