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May 25, 2023

Explore Speedsportz Racing Park with Karting Legend Alan Rudolph and reviewing the 2023 Lexus ES 350

Explore Speedsportz Racing Park with Karting Legend Alan Rudolph and reviewing the 2023 Lexus ES 350
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Joining us on this episode of In Wheel Time Car Talk is karting legend and multiple award-winner, Alan Rudolph, from his Speed Sports Racing Park in New Caney, Texas. We explore the thrilling world of rental go-karts, drifting, and auto-crossing, while also discovering the amenities the park has to offer for public and corporate events.

But that's not all! Alan also shares the ins and outs of his Alan Ruff Racing Academy, where enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels can dive into a two-hour program that covers the unique aspects of karting.   

Plus, stay tuned for our review of the sleek 2023 Lexus ES 350 and the latest car events happening in and around Houston, Texas, on the Events Calendar. 

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Speaker 1: Welcome to another In Wheel Time podcast, a 30 minute mini version of the In Wheel Time Car Show that airs live every Saturday morning 8 to 11am, central From the Smoke and Mirrors Network. It's the In Wheel Time Car Talk Show Coming up. We talk with Alan Rudolph with Speed Sports Racing Park and Academy. I got to drive the 2023 Lexus ES350. I'm excited to tell you all about it. We'll also have the Cruise-In Calendar. Konrad has this week in Auto History and I'll bring you the stories making automotive news headlines Just ahead on this hour of the In Wheel Time Car Talk Show. Howdy, along with Mike out of this world, Marrs, King, Konrad DeLong. We always need more. Jeff Dziekan, I'm Don Armstrong. Thanks so much for joining us on this Saturday, our last hour of our show. Our show normally airs from 8am to 11am every Saturday morning in the live version. Then we do podcasts and Marrs takes care of all of the rebroadcasting of all the segments and stuff like that. So thank you, Mr Marrs, for your duty. 

Speaker 3: It's a duty. 

Speaker 1: It's a duty I said duty on the radio. Alan Rudolph is a legend. I'm going to read this because I think it's very well written and I think that it kind of explains who Alan is, and we all need to know who Alan is. Alan Rudolph is a legend in the karting community, the winner of multiple awards, Alan is stood on the podium in all disciplines of karting, including sprint, road racing and oval, most notably five-time SKUSA King of the Streets. He was multiple championships under his belt and is the recipient of the Dan Weldon Ambassador to Karting Award and was recently voted into the inaugural class of the SKUSA Hall of Fame. Alan has trained well-known drivers who went on to be professional careers in driving, including NASCAR driver Chase Elliott. Alan is a fiercely competitive guy, championship-winning race driver and brings expertise and experience to Houston, Texas, through Speedsportz Racing Park and the Alan Rudolph Racing Academy. Alan, it's a pleasure to have you with us today. Thanks so much for joining us. 

Speaker 4: Thanks for having me, guys. I appreciate that. 

Speaker 1: Well, that's quite an impressive resume that you've got there. Tell me where Speedsportz Racing Park is. 

Speaker 4: We're actually in New Caney, Texas, just north of Kingwood, on 59, 59 and 242. So just 30 minutes from downtown, 20 minutes from the Woodlands, perfectly located. 

Speaker 1: And that thing was built. I remember flying over it. What a couple years ago, three years ago. 

Speaker 4: Believe it or not, approaching seven years. 

Speaker 1: Oh well, there you go. 

Speaker 4: Time flies. 

Speaker 1: Apparently it does So seven years now. And do you rent go-carts up there? 

Speaker 4: Can I do it all? to be honest, I have. If you've seen the layout of the facility, it's two separate racetracks. One is primarily for open-to-the-public rental carts, so a Rime and Drive, we call it. I do a lot of corporate groups and stuff. So yesterday we had a group of 50 people that did a buyout of the facility and rode our rental carts and had lunch and beer and wine after. So that's all happens on the rental tracks. 

Speaker 1: We were kind of hoping that the beer and wine would precede for the racetrack. 

Speaker 4: But that's on the rental side. So day-to-day burn over. There is just open-to-the-public Wednesday through Sunday And on Saturdays we open at noon. We go to 10 pm, Sundays, noon to six, So you can just come bring family, friends, whatever, and ride our rental carts. And then the other track is what we refer to as our pro track And that's open to the members who have their own go carts. And, as you alluded to in your original email to me, we do car stuff too. So we do drifting now And the Porsche Club is going to be here today doing auto cross. It's a unique way. If you know anything about auto-crossing, auto-across is generally done, we get to parking lot with cones, So instead they treat our track like an auto-cross and it honestly works out way better than being on a cone course. 

Speaker 1: Well, i will tell you that I have done auto-cross and for the most part it's a first gear kind of thing. But I'll tell you what it certainly does test your driving skills, getting around those cones as fast as you can without spinning out or making horrible mistakes, and running over cones and making a fool of yourself is basically it. So those kind of things where you bring your own car, let's just say the Corvette Club comes out and they want to run, I don't know anything about auto-crossing, and do you supply or would you ride with somebody like me that doesn't know anything about it? 

Speaker 4: I have done that in the past. I do a little coaching. There's a particular car club that comes out once a month and some of those guys want me to do a little right seat drive and with them for some coaching And I do that. But in general, like this Porsche Club, they run the show, they come and rent the track for me for the day and they set up their own little timing system and keep track. You know, all across is a timed event, so they set all that up. I'm really hands off on that type of stuff. 

Speaker 1: Well, and you said that the club that you had out recently you served them lunch and wine and beer and had a great time? is that pretty typical of what you offer up there? 

Speaker 4: Yeah, on the rent track side of things, you know the open to the public rental carts. you know, like I said, that's a Wednesday through Sunday event and people come out and race and have a beer, glass of wine afterwards or whatever can make kind of a day I don't say a day of it, but some people hang out here for two, three hours, get some go-kart racing in and have fun doing it. And just recently, two weeks ago, a food truck court opened up right next to a ride across the street. So it's a really unique environment where, you know, people can come hang out with the food truck called the food zone and they can go there and have lunch, come over here and ride go-karts. 

Speaker 1: How fun. So what kind of carts, rental carts do you have? Not that I would know the name brand of them, but give me a little background on the rental carts. 

Speaker 4: Yeah, so they're not your typical when you think about go-karting is when you say go-karts, both on the rental cart side and on the racing side, if you're not familiar with the stuff. When you say go-karts, people are like oh yeah, I have, you know, yard cart, you know, I got a go-kart in my yard, I ride around. It's nothing like that. Or, you know, like a typical amusement park ride go-kart where you can put your kid next to you and you don't wear a helmet and they go about 20 miles an hour. That's not what these are. These are rental carts that are open to public, go about 40 or 45 miles an hour. 

Speaker 1: Wow, that's fast when you get your butt about an inch off the ground. 

Speaker 4: Yeah, we like to say they're faster than the tracks, so you actually have to slow down for some of the corners. You cannot go full gas all the way around or you'll fly off tracks. You know it's not. It's just a much different experience. A lot of people are familiar with indoor carting, but those are all electric. Ours are gas powered and the electric cart's very controlled in how fast they'll let you go. Plus, the tracks are really small. My rental cart track is half of a mile long, takes the average person about 50 seconds to go to lap, and so it's thrilling. It's unlike anything else here in Houston. 

Speaker 1: What kind of engines are on those? 

Speaker 4: They have a little Honda, like a Honda GX270, it's called. It's essentially a generator engine, about a half of a power. 

Speaker 1: How many horsepower? Nine and a half. 

Speaker 3: Nine and a half, that's quite a bit. 

Speaker 1: That's a lot. I'm used to the old Briggs Stratton 2 horsepower. 

Speaker 5: That's got a lot of what I'm thinking. 

Speaker 3: One more motors 3.5 with a blower. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, That's it, And I assume that the what is it got a centrifugal clutch on it. 

Speaker 4: Yeah, yep, pretty simple gas and brake. So you have to hurry up. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, yeah. Well, I mean, that's what it's all about. So I was involved for a while up at Houston Motorsports Park And there was a group I think they're out of Austin, and these are grown men on go-karts going really fast on a 3 eighths mile asphalt banked oval And what an absolute blast. And I'm just watching them go on And they all know each other, they're all friends, they all help each other, but when they get out of the track it's a whole different thing. 

Speaker 4: Absolutely. That's racing in general, right? I mean the racing community is. You know we're all a tight-knit family And everyone knows everybody And everyone's helpful and friendly. But when you strap on a helmet and jump in the car, you know it's game on And so everyone wants to win and do their best. 

Speaker 1: Well, you had mentioned in your resume here sprint, road racing and oval. Now tell me what the difference is. Well, obviously, sprint is what? 

Speaker 4: So my car track right here, the one that's behind me, is a sprint track. So an average sprint track is called a small road course. right, My track is 0.8 of a mile, 15 corners, that's a sprint track. Road racing is if when we take and go to road America, Atlanta, Laguna Seca, any of those big tracks, those are called road racing. 

Speaker 1: Wow, and you take the carts on those big tracks like that. 

Speaker 4: Oh, yeah, yeah,  

Speaker 1: And what kind of speeds do you get up on those? 

Speaker 4: Well, it turns out, I owned the All Out Kart Record at Road America, which is on a few corners of Road America, but it's a four-mile road course, and I was in a 250 supercar that made about 100 horsepower. And it went north of 150 miles an hour. Ha ha ha. 

Speaker 3: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: With no roll bar and no sides, and you're just sitting out there all by yourself. 

Speaker 4: That was kind of crazy, to be fair. I would never let Mikey do it And I wouldn't do it anymore. I'm a little more mature and wiser now, I suppose, but I can't believe I did. It was always a bucket list of mine to be able to race with Paul Schumacher And I finally got to do that for a couple of years And it's a sort of fast and crazy move really fast they are But I'm not going to do that again. 

Speaker 1: Well, I worked with a guy by the name of Lee Beard who is a drag racing legend And he was a driver early on And then he went on to be a crew chief And one or two of his sons, I think, were really into the competitive go-kart And I remember him talking about the fact that it was really a step toward open-wheel-raising And so many of the open-wheel guys actually start in go-karts, like you were talking about. 

Speaker 4: Yeah, absolutely. I would say every Formula One driver did karting and still does. Most Indy car guys Believe it or not. Even NASCAR guys, the majority of them. You either pick one or two routes. You either pick karting or you pick roundy round. You know something of banter starting bandoleros and yes, we want us midgets and sprint cars or whatever. Or in Chase Elliott's case, he started off in karting, they did party and then moved on to stock cars. You know the Arca type things. So he kind of did it all? 

Speaker 1: What is it about go karting That is so relative and Actually one of those things that all of these people that you hear about, these famous people, go to go karting. What is it about the go kart that is so relatable to moving up into actual full-blown race cars? 

Speaker 4: Well there's, for me. You can start at a very young age. Believe it or not, karting here at our track starts five years old. The first age group is five to Seven or eight years old, and they just keep on go. So when you can start at a very young age, to me it's one of the purest and rawest forms of racing. Next to call it sprint cars, you know There's a reason how large it constantly does race the sprint cars and late models and all that stuff. And so for me, karting is always been like the purest wheel-to-wheel action. You know, by time these kids turn sixteen, they've had Eight years or nine years of racing experience under their belt and it makes it real easy to make. 

Speaker 3: It's happening, yeah, so much faster jump to the next level, a real race car. 

Speaker 4: Yeah, you know that the closest thing to a fastest go-kart out there is what we refer to as a shifter. The closest thing to a shifter car is really somewhere about Indy car, formula one level, and so in terms of quick things happen, the endurance level that it takes, and so Jump out of a go-kart and jump into a car and car almost feels so. So these kids that you know have eight years of racing under their belt and they are, it almost seems, effortless. 

Speaker 3: I worked with a young man, the gentleman Jim McMurray, when I was with a keystone. His son was Jamie McMurray. 

Speaker 4: Yeah, Jamie and I are longtime friends. 

Speaker 3: Jamie started out in shifter carts And I think his first NASCAR run was in the craftsman truck and then he took over Sterling Marlins ride, the number 27 and then progressed through that, through his own skills and whatnot. Now he's a commentator, but yeah, I've known Jamie when he was in shifter carts. Imagine that. 

Speaker 4: Yeah now Jamie and I grew Jamie's from job Missouri. 

Speaker 3: I'm sure is. 

Speaker 4: Missouri and we drew. We grew up as kids racing together All the time is that still involved in. 

Speaker 3: Oh yeah, no, carting Jim. 

Speaker 1: Jim is a character, yeah, so why would a professional race car driver Let's just use it NASCAR Run a race On a noble track and then go back to carting? is it just to keep the skills honed? 

Speaker 4: Yeah, Yeah, it's skillset and your reaction time and physical training. And now, to be honest, you know they. The NASCAR runs a lot of road courses. Yes, and one of the key successes to being successful on the road course is is knowing how to do it, i mean, and loving to do it. Few asked Chase Elliot. You know why he's so successful on the road courses? because he just loves driving. 

Speaker 1: Now are those shifter carts that they use on the rules court road courses? 

Speaker 4: Either one shifter non shifter any of that stuff. 

Speaker 1: Really, and with the shifter carts. Now, what kind of a transmission does it have and how do you shift it? 

Speaker 4: Well, think of it like a motor so they used to be motorcycle like a CR 125 motorcycle, dirt bike engine, yep. And the gear shift lever is hooked to a rod. It's up by the steering wheel. It's just forward and back like you were cycling. 

Speaker 5: I got you like a nowadays Yeah yeah, the paddle. 

Speaker 4: People have rigged up paddles in the past. The problem is carting is so physically demanding, as it is The moment. You start doing this all the time and you get crazy arm bump And it's just not as quick with an action. By just grabbing the correct rod and boom, boom, boom, boom happens so fast. 

Speaker 1: Is there a clutch on it? 

Speaker 4: Yeah, I mean just, it's like motorcycle. Yeah, interesting Yeah, but just clutch lever is up by the steering wheel And but the only time you ever use it is start the race. So the unique thing about shifter carts is the way they start the races, formula one style. Well, I know, yes, act up and then the green green flag throws and everyone. 

Speaker 1: How much fun - kind of clutch flight. 

Speaker 5: You know, clutch flight to drink up to where launch with a clutch, then after that you just shift it like automatic. Yeah, that's, exactly right, wow. 

Speaker 3: All right, we're all coming out to your place, do you, do you give lessons? 

Speaker 1: I mean, you know if, if, if I've got a five-year-old and I want to get him exposed to carting, do you have an entry-level Lesson thing going on up there? 

Speaker 4: Yeah, that's part of the resume resume You read there said mentioned Alan Ruff racing Academy. So that's my school. I teach people how to drive and that's from The five or six year old that you mentioned that, just you know, wants to get into it to somebody that's more advanced and has your Years of experience. But the day-to-day, to be honest, i do classes every day. It's called a car racing experience and Guys like you can come out, bring a little buddies and I get you right behind the wheel of one of our 125cc road tax single speed go-karts not a shifter right, and it's a little two-hour program. It's $249 and we get to ride on track with a safety briefing and a way we go. 

Speaker 5: So so would you have room for Don's oxygen tank? 

Speaker 3: Disguise it as nitrous. A little older guy, but no but like a five-year-old, Is it? 

Speaker 5: do you have smaller carts or pedaling? 

Speaker 4: Yeah, yeah, yeah okay, yeah, for each of the categories from that five to seven eight-year-old range is called a kid part and it's small. And then from seven slash eight, well they're in what's called a kid that cart. It's sort of a medium-sized cart, and then anything 12 and above urine It's referred as a. 

Speaker 2: Okay, yeah, well, don's a new grandfather and he's got plans for the grandson clearly, yeah, absolutely. 

Speaker 5: What was speaking of which. So so let me ask you do you have it like a gift certificate program? 

Speaker 4: I mean, yeah, you can, on our website you buy gift certificates on there for both classes And our ride and drive. It's just a gift certificate and we use for it, so it's that's on our website. Great for if buying ideas for birthdays, christmas. We sell a lot of gift cards at Christmas time and stuff. 

Speaker 5: Yeah, my, my son's old enough that he, you know, he got a full-time job and everything. Grown man Buys what he wants, and so I have a hard time getting him things that that are kind of different. Yeah and that's what popped into my mind. It's usually bail. No makeup for all. 

Speaker 1: No doubt, Alan. It's a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you so much. How do we find out more information about the the speed sports racing park? 

Speaker 4: Go to the website. It's simple speed sports, racing park Com and that speed sports with a Z. There's a Z on the end as part of our logo, so speed sports with a Z on the end, racing cartcom. Yeah. 

Speaker 2: I've just posted it on our social media. 

Speaker 1: We'll be in touch, Thank you. Maybe we'll come out one day and and just and have a tear it up out there Well maybe not tear it up, but no, not a lot, tear it up. Well, you know what I'm saying. Yeah, alan, thanks again. Take care of yourself, thanks guys, thank you. 

Speaker 5: Very cool, mm-hmm, i'm thinking Kylie. 

Speaker 1: Yeah yeah, his granddaughter. 

Speaker 3: Well, there's also that. you know that the mini dragsters too, that Yeah, fitted in yours. 

Speaker 1: you know, last year, yep, yep time now for the cruise in calendar, and Conrad has that. I got more than one Okay but just don't make it any more than a minute muffin and mufflers at darlin's diner in Flattonia, texas, is This afternoon at 11 to 4. 

Speaker 2: Everybody's got a new name and of course nifty 50s on buckhorn. Buckthorn place in The woodlands is tonight from 3 to 10. Shootout Saturday at Houston Motorsports Park is this afternoon. Starts at 4 pm. Night lights is 5 to 9 pm Off a gasner road in Houston. The Cypress West Houston vintage car meetup at the twisty treat at fry road in Cypress, texas, starts at 6 pm. Tonight. Wheels and wine at Bordeaux Vino wine bar There you go at research forest in the woodlands starts tonight at 6 pm. 

Speaker 2: Tomorrow is classic, classically car, classically classic car show. That's hard to read 707 Dell Web Boulevard in Richmond, texas. The car church at the Segundo coffee lab at 711 Milby in Houston and then the tomb all. Locals car meet at Coles at 2920 in tomb all. and that's tomorrow night at 7 pm thank you, sir. 

Speaker 1: Time now for this hour's car review. Had a chance to drive the 2023 Lexus ES 350. Here are the trim levels that are available. It starts off as the ES 350. That's the base trim level. Then that goes to luxury, ultra luxury, f sport design and F sport handling. I had the F sport H, which stands for handling. This is a compact sedan seats five people, including the driver. All new for 2019. Spindle grille with lots of sharp angled lighting features. Fast back sedan design, very swoopy and very arrow. F sport includes trunk mounted spoiler. Yep, on a Lexus, on an ES. Chrome dual exhaust tips mounted in the aero valance panel. But I liked about it the overall look very swoopy, a long four-door saloon. Ooh, what could use improvement? nothing. Interior highlights beautiful, do you? 12 inch infotainment touchscreen, and I want to underscore that because they have finally got rid of the mouse pad yes, thank you. 

Speaker 1: Thank you. The dash has angled design elements that mix well with its features wrap around comfortable bucket seats, mark levinson sound system. This thing is just awesome. Trunk room large with a kind of a small opening. But that's just the way that these cars are these days. But I liked about it. No more touchpad controller for the infotainment system way to go. Lexus. What can use improvement? help me find something. I can't find anything. I just love this car. 3.5 liter v6 engine, more power, nope, 302 horsepower, 267 pound feet of torque, 8 speed automatic transmission. It's rated for 22 miles per gallon in the city, 31 on the highway. For a combined of 25. I got 27.7 miles per gallon over 423.9 miles. What I liked, perfectly matched power and transmission. That's good, don't change it. Ride and handling controllable, luxurious ride quality, swoopy that's what he said. 

Speaker 1: But but, not, yeah, but not, not a big kush machine like the old Buick's. You need just kind of float across now, wasn't it all very controlled pricing? base trim prices 478. To me that's a bargain, my friend. That's the trim price prices tested 53 775. Base model price 41 440 for Lexus for a Lexus 350 competitors the accurate TLX for 398, 50, the Volvo s60 for 41 300 and the Audi a4 for 39, 9. All right there in that sweet spot. And I liked it. I like the affordability of it and I love the luxury of it. And I am typically not necessarily going toward the luxury model. I don't. I'm strong, would buy this car. It's a nice car, i would buy that car. 

Speaker 3: If somebody's blowing you the money For 53. that's really not bad. That's not, no, no, it's not bad at all, Most SUVs these days. 

Speaker 2: You know well north of that, well north 65 this thing is so weak sweet. 

Speaker 3: You know I got a birthday coming up, mike. That's the fifth time, yeah. 

Speaker 2: I'm gonna make it. 

Speaker 5: I'm gonna write it down. 

Speaker 1: Why does he keep saying? 

Speaker 2: that well for you know, because he's got a birthday coming up, i mean pool of money and, you know, maybe that Nice pool be nice. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, there is a story that I have to get in here. This is not typically our automotive news segment, but I'm gonna do it anyway. Oh, ready. 

Speaker 2: Here we go. 

Speaker 1: This is it. This is from this morning Automotive news. Sit tight, mike, strap it on. Prosecutors have charged 11 men with stealing 86 Vehicles worth more than five million dollars from several Ohio dealerships. The suspects are accused of taking expensive, high-powered models such as Dodge Charger, srt Hellcats and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Hawks from 26 dealerships over five months. One showroom was robbed three times. 

Speaker 1: A 142 count indictment, unsealed last week, includes charges of Racketeering, conspiracy, grand theft, filonious assault and aggravated robbery. 90 of the charges were filed against one man, 20 year old, macklin Wilson. It was arrested in February after police said he led them on a high-speed chase in his stolen Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat Wow. He and eight other defendants, ages 18 to 22, were in custody last week. According to the plane dealer in Cleveland, no video. Prosecutors said the men scoped out the dealerships during the day to locate security cameras and key fobs, before going back overnight to steal the vehicles. Police believe they stole a total of 126 cars, but the charges relate only to 86 that were later found. One Mercedes Benz was allegedly driven to Michigan and sold for $4,500. 

Speaker 1: Filonious to Filonious blood and DNA found on broken glass at two dealerships helped tie them into the thefts, along with information gathered from cell phones and social media posts. At one dealership, prosecutors said some of the men gave a salesperson their real names while casing the showroom before stealing from them the same night. 

Speaker 3: Those are real villains in Ohio villains and stupid. 

Speaker 2: They left DNA behind in. 

Speaker 3: Ohio. So yeah, let's do the car go to Ohio. 

Speaker 1: The end well time car talk shows available 24 7 through the iHeart radio app. Just look for in wheel time car talk. We also video stream on Facebook, youtube and in wheel time dot com. Podcasts at your fingertips and over a dozen of the most popular podcast outmats. The end will time car talk show continues right after these brief messages. 

Speaker 1: Everyone at the tailpipes and tacos cruise in at the loopy tortilla Tex-Max and Katie, thank you for participating in the best cruise in around and look forward to seeing you again. You'll hear about the next cruise in date right here on in real time. Next time you're in the West Houston energy corridor area, be sure and stop in at the original loopy tortilla Tex-Max at I-10 and highway six or the Katie location on the Grand Parkway at Kingsland Boulevard When passing through Beaumont or college station. Stop in and have loopies, award-winning beef fajitas and frozen margaritas. There's always a celebration at loopy tortilla. Loopy tortilla founders stanhold and his wife Sheila are winning racers on the NHRA drag racing circuit and have a collection of hot rods and classics that everyone appreciates. Look for them at the next tailpipes and tacos cruise in the day. It'll be announced soon and will once again be held at the loopy tortilla Tex-Max on 99 in Kingsland Boulevard, just south of I-10 and Katie. We'll give you all the details right here on the in wheel time car talk show and online Donations benefit God's garage. We'll see you then. 

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Speaker 1: Gulf Coast Auto Shield is your place to go for all things exterior. Call them today 832 930 506 55 or gcautoshieldcom, the award-winning in-wheel time car talk shows available on the most popular channels out there in 30 minute episodes. We realize our three-hour live show can be difficult to catch in its entirety, so now you can listen every day to a convenient, fresh 30 minute episode. Check us out on apple podcasts, spotify, google podcasts, amazon music and audible, along with a dozen more in wheel time As the most informative automotive guest interviews and new car reviews, along with popular features including conred's car clinic And this week in auto history, along with automotive news headlines. 

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