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May 16, 2023

Fleet Managers get new tools for the new age automobile fleet! Jeff Dziekan - 'Funny Car Names...'

Fleet Managers get new tools for the new age automobile fleet!  Jeff Dziekan - 'Funny Car Names...'
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There is a saying, 'Technology is our friend', with a lot of people willing to debate if that is true or not.  We do have more information at our finger tips, and we have a tremendous amount of safety features on new automobiles.  It is an ongoing process of development, but it does make us safer drivers...which hopefully translates into better drivers.

As a fleet manager with long haul rigs, being a better driver can mean a lot of things.  Not only avoiding accidents or damaging the load, but taking car of the truck from a maintenance perspective.  This includes driving to take care of the vehicle so that wear and tear are reduced and maintenance is handled before something breaks.

Where does something like that start?  Joining us on this episode of In Wheel Time Car Talk, COO of CerebrumX is Sumit Chauhan,  a data processing company.  As Summit describes, it goes much further than just 1+1=2, it is knowing what to do with data.  While this is newer use of technology, the possibilities are there for a wide variety of applications....things that make ya' go hmmm.

In our Feature Segment, Jeff Dziekan takes a look at 'Six Funny Car Names' that are real world...and make us wonder what else is out there.

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