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May 8, 2023

'REAL' EV maintenance and some very real maintenance safety issues that don't make the headlines!

'REAL' EV maintenance and some very real maintenance safety issues that don't make the headlines!
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Reading the headlines, it is very easy to think that an EV - Electric Vehicles - doesn't have the same maintenance issues or schedules that an internal combustion engine vehicle has.  That is somewhat true, however, due to the very nature of being 'electric', the EV has some very different maintenance concerns that still include cooling systems, fluids, and some very special safety tools that are required by a truly certified EV tech.

Joining us is the Senior VP of Operations for Opus IVS, a support/training/knowledge data base organization who will share some eye opening aspects of maintaining an EV.  Sure an EV is quiet and quick, but it is also heavier than the ICE vehicle equivalent so wear and tear is 'different' for starters.

Join us to hear more from this aspect of EVs professionals that doesn't make the headlines.

All this and more on this episode of In Wheel Time Car Talk!

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