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May 26, 2023

Unleashing Automotive Monsters: John Ghattas and Apocalypse Manufacturing

Unleashing Automotive Monsters: John Ghattas and Apocalypse Manufacturing
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Ever thought about turning your Jeep into a monster or injecting it with testosterone? Join us as we chat with John Ghattas, owner of Apocalypse Manufacturing, about the wild world of custom car creations and the future of vehicles. From six-wheeled trucks and Jeeps to electric Hummers, you have to check out the projects John and his team bring to life.

In our feature segment, Konrad DeLong has the popular feature - 'This Week In Auto History', where we uncover the history of the odometer, discuss the sale of Chrysler to Seribus Capital Management, and explore the high rate of uninsured drivers in Texas. 

Plus, find out about the new tax imposed on electric vehicles and the surprising increase in Mary Barra's pay package despite the decline in GM's sales and profits. 

Buckle up for this action-packed episode filled with automotive history, industry news, and custom cars!

All this and more on this episode of In Wheel Time Car Talk.


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Speaker 1: Welcome to another in wheel time podcast, a 30 minute mini version of the in wheel time car show that airs live every Saturday morning 8 to 11 am Central. It's the in wheel time car talk show coming up. We hope to talk to John Gattis, owner of the apocalypse manufacturing company Conrad has this week in auto history. We'll get you caught up on the stories making car news this week. Howdy along with Mike out Of this world, mars who is out of this world actually? right?

Speaker 1: now, hey, it's been a good day His mind is in another place, which it normally is, but today especially.

Speaker 4: He's. He's a topless Jeep weekend.

Speaker 5: Oh yeah, thinking about all these people invading his house exactly.

Speaker 4: He's headed there to defend.

Speaker 1: We also have King Conrad along, and we have. We need more. Jeff Zekin, i'm nobody.

Speaker 4: Oh, broadcast Hall of Famer the Don Armstrong, the Channel 13 I in the sky, okay all righty Conrad, there's enough of that his meds are kicking in.

Speaker 5: Oh, there you go. I knew you had it. Well, it's all.

Speaker 1: Yeah, it's on the rundown page? I don't know.

Speaker 5: Make Mars.

Speaker 1: Just give you a picture was a picture on the bottom of your, your sheet. That's what I saw.

Speaker 2: Yes that's the picture of Don reacts to pictures Um let's talk about deep weekend down at the beach.

Speaker 4: Stay away, yeah, stay away Who started.

Speaker 1: That It's a. It really started, it's a national day of jeeps.

Speaker 2: You know the Jeep clubs all together. Yeah, and it's a big deal like it happens all across the country. It's just our location down here on Crystal Beach on the Bolliver Peninsula where you have a house.

Speaker 1: Yes, to the east of Galveston.

Speaker 2: It used to be a lot of Jeep stuff. Well, the beauty of it, though, is your beach is allowed, you know vehicles on it.

Speaker 4: Yes, you're allowed to drive on it.

Speaker 2: So there's thousands of them there this weekend, yeah, and, and we, conrad and I've been down there a couple of times when we were going down there in the show We real broadcast down there several years ago and we've seen a lot of sites down there that we can't forget And and so please, we don't go down there anymore.

Speaker 1: And then we had the moron that tried to organize it. Yeah, that was a big mistake. That was a huge mistake, remember that. And then they've had lots of police issues here.

Speaker 4: Yeah, Well, not, not police issues, criminal police.

Speaker 1: Yeah, we have criminals down there a couple of years ago.

Speaker 2: They had a couple of high tides and it pushed everybody off the beach and everybody got jammed up on the road. It's a lot of stuff here. Let me let me see if I can connect here with Joe. I think that I think that I would avoid that.

Speaker 1: Yeah, at all costs, Yeah if I think about how busy the ferry is Gonna be well it is.

Speaker 4: It's called topless Jeep weekend, but there's not.

Speaker 5: Not everybody has a Jeep. They've got these little And not everybody's topless. Well, that's not the point.

Speaker 4: I'll take the top off the car.

Speaker 5: Conrad. But there's other vehicles, not necessarily cheap, yeah, and that's kind of ruins the four by fours, the side besides, and all that stuff Lots of alcohol and very little common.

Speaker 1: That's what the problem is.

Speaker 4: Yeah, and that's the main problem. Yeah, that was it last time we were there.

Speaker 1: I told Mars, i said we will not be back to this. It was just absolute mayhem And we got nothing out of it, nothing. It was just a total pain. Is that guy that still have that bar down there? What? Huh? Yeah, he still got the bar. I'm surprised that's in business. Yeah, the tiki bar, they really.

Speaker 2: They really got some good food there. You're such a lie How they do Mars go to go lunch.

Speaker 1: They've got some great food. Well, yeah, well, i'm gonna get down there and go for lunch down at the Crystal Beach.

Speaker 4: Yeah, but fly in, don. You got that helicopter.

Speaker 2: Yeah they got a grass air strip. No, that's not happen.

Speaker 1: Okay, okay. So Joe's here apocalypse Manufacturing and his name is.

Speaker 5: Joe.

Speaker 1: Joe gattis, it's good to see you. Thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for having me. Am I pronouncing your last name, right?

Speaker 3: Yeah, yeah, you nailed it.

Speaker 1: Okay, good, just wanted to make sure. So, joe, tell us about apocalypse manufacturing. What does it do?

Speaker 3: So it's the it's one side of our, our custom Jeep shop that we specialized in Just ridiculous oversized trucks. We started out, you know, taking jeeps and turning them into six wheelers and they kind of evolved from there. Now we're, you know, on the doing defenders and converting cars to electric and gem and demon engines and hellcat engines, things that they don't belong in. We've gotten into chopping up the Broncos, just you name it. All the bad ideas happen in that shop.

Speaker 5: At least he's honest about it. The bad ideas come to fruition. Yeah, exactly, i love it.

Speaker 1: There you go. You sent us a picture of I don't know what kind of a truck it is, but it's nothing that I've ever seen before. What is it? It's the super truck, mom. Is that what it is? It's the super truck.

Speaker 3: Yeah, that's actually one of the few that I don't turn into a six-wheeler Just because the original platform is pretty awesome. Um, you familiar with the Ram KX?

Speaker 1: Oh yeah, Yeah, is that what this is?

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 1: I would have never Yeah it starts like your exit.

Speaker 3: Just gets injected about 200 cc of testosterone and they have it.

Speaker 1: Well, i can see that. I mean it's got the most bizarre body panels on it and grill and it doesn't look like anything. Maybe the hood?

Speaker 2: Yeah, the hood's recognizable now.

Speaker 1: Yeah, that's about it. There you go.

Speaker 3: That's the one piece I didn't change.

Speaker 1: Well, you don't need to, because the hood works for this. Uh, what all done? So I would assume that you do more than just body panels and wheels and tires.

Speaker 3: Absolutely so. This thing is born with a hellcat. I take the pulley off of it, put a smaller pulley on there, get some more boost out of the supercharger. Put a bigger set of injectors in there, you know, bump the timing up, improve the tune dramatically because we're running a lot more air pressure through it, put a bigger fuel pump system in there and then we do what I call the piece. They resist on the killer chiller. So we actually involve the air conditioning system in cooling down the supercharger so that we don't lose the extra power we made.

Speaker 1: Oh, My gosh.

Speaker 5: You use the air killer chiller, the killer, chiller, killer.

Speaker 1: That is so much fun. Where are you located for for Waterdale, oh my god, and he's laying out on the beach.

Speaker 5: I'm one of you. Tails with umbrellas in them, mike, we need remote.

Speaker 1: Yeah, this sounds like a road trip for us here in Houston, Texas.

Speaker 3: Oh, we'd love to have you guys.

Speaker 1: I bet. Well, i don't know if we really want to subject ourselves to all of this, this mayhem down there. So how big is your shop? How many, how many vehicles you got going at one time in there?

Speaker 3: We can get 80 trucks out every month. That's been our truck record. Wow, we're about a 40,000 square foot operation with 79 guys.

Speaker 1: Wow, man, that's huge and, yeah, i are you. So do people bring their trucks to you or do you go and buy a truck and do all this to it and sell it on your own? source it out. I.

Speaker 3: Buy the trucks and do what I think is gonna be cool and And hope it's out.

Speaker 1: Well, i'll tell you what I mean. This, this apocalypse super truck really is cool. And Do you manufacture those cool looking doors? How does that work?

Speaker 3: So all that's made in house. We've got our chop, our shop chopped up in the sections. We've got the metal fabrication machine shop side that. We've got the fiberglass side, so that front end there is all handmade out of metal. We'll cut that on the plasma and on the CNC and then we'll put it on our jig and weld it all together to make that big front end.

Speaker 3: The defenders, i'll pull those off of my fiberglass mold that we created. The doors, their big fiberglass mold as well. The back is aluminum, that that flans back top with a rolling lock built into it. The rear bumper is, again, you know, plasma, cut and welded together. And then then she'll go over to the engine side where we'll, you know, take the intake manifold off and put our cooling system in there, put a smaller pulley on there, boost up the injectors. You know, go, hook that, hook the computer up to the file, to the PCM, and tune it. But the super truck is actually one of the quickest trucks to make it through my shop Because I don't have to cut the frame or do anything else. We make another version of it, called the juggernaut, which is almost identical but it's got six wheels. Now We've got my hand fabricated axle in it, whatnot?

Speaker 5: Yeah, that's kind of it in a nutshell, so you're the off-road version of bitching rides.

Speaker 1: I'm surprised that you don't have your own television. Exactly have you been? have you been approached yet?

Speaker 3: Yeah, you have Yeah.

Speaker 2: Oh, we got some secrets going on, here is is is this a secret?

Speaker 1: I shouldn't talk about it, or what?

Speaker 3: I Not.

Speaker 5: We're on the cutting edge of a lot of this. We either on the cutting edge or we make it up. So Conrad's got your website pulled up on his computer and those are some awesome looking rigs. They really are. I'll take a six wheeler.

Speaker 1: I like the warlord.

Speaker 2: I like the warlord, i just want the apocalypse super truck.

Speaker 5: Well, the one that I want. And now Mike's a juggernaut kind of guy over there for Mike.

Speaker 3: I'll get these things sent out.

Speaker 1: I.

Speaker 5: Were trying. We're trying to be we're trying to.

Speaker 1: We're trying to pull up the car so we can put it on our on our show Here as we talk. But so Did. How did you get started in this?

Speaker 3: So 20 years ago, i All my life have been working on jeeps and trucks and whatnot, but as a business I worked as a manager of a car dealership and And one day I decided to open up my own car dealership and I was selling a small batch of Highline cars right that you know, maybe seven or eight highline cars a Lamborghini, a little Ferrari, bentley And then I always had my Jeep projects going in the back of the shop because I finally had a space to work on them again and People would stop by to come take a look.

Speaker 3: Maybe they're interested in the Bentley or a drop-top Ferrari, and then they'd see the jeeps in the background and the conversation kind of started. As you know, every, every perk on my screen got one of these Ferrari's, but nobody's got one of those and You know they're like is it for sale? and never was, until it was for sale And I sold my first one, second, one, third one. Then I stopped buying the high lines all together and my car wash guy turned into mechanic with me and my sales guy turned into Mechanic with me and we just started building trucks faster, faster, faster.

Speaker 1: Joe, that, what a great story that is.

Speaker 4: You know, that's, that's the Fort Lauderdale is a great car market too.

Speaker 1: Yeah, yeah, yeah, cuz yeah, there's some big bucks down there in Fort Lauderdale. I, where do you come up with these ideas? Because this is so unique. I mean, you see Customized trucks, but I've never seen one like this.

Speaker 3: You know it's interesting, i'll take any idea here and if it's quasi feasible I'll build it once and then, if people like it, i'll put it in production. Like I just did a Lamborghini Urus, i chopped the thing in half, made of a six-wheeler, put portals on and jacked it all up. And you know it was one of those. Can we do it? All right, we'll do it. If somebody else calls about it now, we could do it, you know that's one of those.

Speaker 1: That's a $200,000 vehicle from the jet go.

Speaker 3: Right.

Speaker 4: Next is a Bentley Bentayga.

Speaker 1: Yeah whoo. Yep.

Speaker 3: You know I've got my. My three favorite projects right now is the, the new electric Hummer. I'm messing around with that one. The Rivian to me is a mindblower because if you ever sat in a Rivian, this thing's a thousand of horsepower, it is quick as can be, it's got 350 miles of range, kind of loaded with technology. But you'd walk right past the car. You think it was a, it was a key or Hyundai and we just didn't really catch your eye. So that one I've got all torn apart right now, jacked up with, you know, 38 inch tires, 15 and a half inch wide, crazy fenders, aggressive hood, roll cage. You know, like a real Marty McFly look at roll cage on there and I'm so excited to see that truck done.

Speaker 1: Joe, have you ever heard of a thing called Lone Star, a throwdown Negative? It is a huge, huge custom truck show here and it's actually a city just just north of Houston, conroe, texas, within driving distance of all of us here, friends of ours, friends of ours, manager, it's, it's one of the bigger truck shows in the nation. You'll have to look it up Lone Star throwdown. You need to bring a couple of your trucks here Absolutely, and that, that is, it is a January or February, february and February.

Speaker 3: No, throwdown, throwdown, throwdown, throwdown.

Speaker 1: Yeah, long start, throwdown, they, they they limit the entries for the show vehicles to 2,500 and it sells out within days, yeah, time they open the registration.

Speaker 2: You need to be there, vendor space, and they, they have thought I mean one year they shut down the cell system and the cops had to come out because the local airport lost its stuff because there Were so many people out there with their phones. It is a real. They have a lot of people that come out and go through there And you know that that's one of those that we'd love to connect you with.

Speaker 1: Todd, todd and Lonnie. They are the ones that started it and it's turned into. I mean trucks from all over North America and and across from Europe as well. Oh, i don't know about that, but I do know that all across.

Speaker 4: North America.

Speaker 1: Canada, these guys with the craziest designs and Money, like you would not believe, thrown in you'd fit right in. Yeah, you would fit right in.

Speaker 3: I'm looking at it now It looks like my crowd, so I'm, i'm, i'm gonna ask Mike's gonna buy one for the in-wheel time company vehicle.

Speaker 5: We're gonna put a wrap on it. What's Mike gonna spend on one of these?

Speaker 1: You know, I'm not sure if you've ever seen a real-time company vehicle.

Speaker 3: You How? much has he got Six wheeler loaded, let's say a turbo diesel setup, i mean packed to the gills of power steps, goodies, infrared cameras, you name itself. you will and won't use 150 grand oh.

Speaker 2: Spend that much on a catwalk escalate exactly does anybody here?

Speaker 3: The first one is gonna cost me an arm and a leg because it's gonna take me a long time to R&B and figured out, sorted out. But the next 10 should cost me a fraction, because anything I build, i try to put it in production style, try to write the CAD files so that you know the CNC and the plasma will sit out, the parts ready to go, and get rid of a Lot of the hand fabricating. Make the molds up so that we can get the price down, because I see a lot of cool trucks out there. But when I see the price tag I'm like, oh, that puts it out of my range. It becomes a dream car as opposed to something I might be able to convince my wife to let me have a driveway.

Speaker 5: You know Exactly or take an escalate and turn it into a six wheeler.

Speaker 1: Anybody ever told you you look like Bruce Springsteen, i'm waiting for you to break into pink Cadillac or something you know. With a guitar over your shoulder, you're one of those kind of cool guys that everybody wants to know. Yeah, exactly. Well, i'll tell you, man, i am thoroughly impressed. So what is the website?

Speaker 3: So you got a pocket with six by six and So flow jeeps. Calm, that's our, that's our two. So flow jeeps is the regular stuff. Well, i'll say regular meaning it has four wheels, and a pocket with six by six has everything with the Know, the extensions of the six wheels and the bigger engines. Oh yeah.

Speaker 2: So pretty wild collection. So back to what we were asking earlier. So you build them. But if I, if I come to you and say, hey, i want this, well, you could custom build it out of what you got. I mean, i want this little variation or something.

Speaker 3: Absolutely so. I've always got a series of chassis Let's say we're talking about the hellfire. I've got six chassis that have extended and I've dropped the 392 into them But haven't done anything else. And then somebody will come along and say, alright, shoot this thing in the line X, green, and give me a brown interior and give me bronze wheels, and that's you know, we'll run from there.

Speaker 2: So you still customize the custom and he does it.

Speaker 1: Any does it fast enough where you could take it this afternoon down to the beach invasion?

Speaker 2: Oh yeah.

Speaker 1: Yeah, the beach invasion over at Crystal Beach.

Speaker 2: I could do that Yeah.

Speaker 3: Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I like to think that these type of trucks are very impulsive purchase and if it, you know, from idea to thought It's three, four months apart, you're gonna lose interest. you know, you got to be able to put these things together in three, four weeks tops.

Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah, it's one of these two-year projects And I'm out.

Speaker 1: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, we yeah exactly.

Speaker 3: Well, you know, i've been there where you know They put me on the tomorrow program and you just lose interest. You're on to the next thing, you know right, Exactly right.

Speaker 2: Very cool.

Speaker 1: Well, i'm looking forward to you Sending us the announcement that you're going to be on motor trend with your own show, 30 minutes weekly, with a you know, at least a six-episode season.

Speaker 3: Yeah something Yeah we gotta get one day when I grow up? You never know.

Speaker 5: Four of us could guest star or get a hold of us if you're gonna come to a long star throwdown Yeah yeah.

Speaker 4: Join you out there.

Speaker 3: Yeah, it looks like it's end of February. I'll definitely be there and I'll definitely reach out to you guys. I can't wait. They'd be great.

Speaker 2: Please do it would be wonderful.

Speaker 1: It's a pleasure talking to you, joe, and we really appreciate you spending the time with us on this Saturday.

Speaker 3: Same fellas thanks for having me.

Speaker 1: All right, man, we'll talk to you soon. How fun. How do you find these things? these are good. I like these.

Speaker 4: I don't know, i don't know how magic.

Speaker 2: You find people like that. It's kind of like I want to be that guy. I mean, that's kind of when you're a kid you think about. I want to get up and I want to make this and I want to build this.

Speaker 4: Wanted to be Jimmy Buffett, not Bruce Sprint.

Speaker 2: No that's that's after, when I get old. I want to do that.

Speaker 5: I already have a facility That's not shabby 79 technicians or people that work for everybody, has a hundred square feet, yeah, and you know, kick an 80 a month out.

Speaker 1: It's a lot. Wow, let's do this week in auto history. Shall we.

Speaker 4: Okay, in 1847 my birthday William Clayton invented the odometer During his trip across the plains from Missouri to Utah. He was assigned to record the number of miles His group traveled each day. Clayton, with the help of a mathematician, tried counting the revolutions of a wagon wheel and computing the day's distance by multiplying that count, times the wheels, circumference and had, and that's the odometer we all know today. But the first thing in wood was the original odometer. In 1916, charles Kettering and Edward deeds agreed to sell Dayton elect engineering laboratories company, famously known as Delco Oh, to the United, to General Motors, and William Durant purchased Delco for $9 million. Delco was responsible for several innovations in the automobile electrical system, including battery ignition systems, and the first self-starter In 1947, bf Goodrich of Akron, ohio I don't remember Jeff, sir tire guy announces that it developed a tubeless tire and quite a technological innovation that would make automobiles safer and more efficient.

Speaker 4: And then, in 1958, during a goodwill trip through Latin America, vice president Richard Mulhouse Nixon driving his Cadillac is attacked by an angry crowd of Venezuelans as he was driving through Caracas. The incident was a dramatic highlight of the trip, characterized by the Latin American anger over some of America's Cold War policies. And then, in 2007, seribus Capital Management, a private equity firm, acquired an 80% interest in Chrysler from Daimler AG for only $7.4 billion. Chrysler had bought excuse me, daimler had bought Chrysler in 1998 for $36 billion. So Seribus got a heck of a deal on their money on about 30 cents on the dollar.

Speaker 1: What a nightmare that turned out to be, though.

Speaker 4: Oh Yeah well and you think the combination of cars that they built the Chrysler 300 and the Charger were actually the brainchild of Daimler engineers.

Speaker 1: Well, those cars okay, and they've weathered the storm. Man Sure have. Yeah, and so, and the underpinnings also of that car is the Challenger, challenger Mm-hmm, the two door purge.

Speaker 4: They're quite successful.

Speaker 1: Yep very successful. yeah, What else do we have? News headlines? I don't have any.

Speaker 4: I didn't have all. Hey, do you know, do you know? Well, let's talk about my favorite subject Uninsured drivers. That's why We didn't talk about this the other day was you do, can we talk on? that Go to.

Speaker 5: Jeff, all right out of the 50 states, and this is by population of uninsured motorists. Now this comes to us from a couple of years ago, so it's changed. A lot of different people in the United States right now, but Texas is the number one for uninsured motorists of 17.18% of the population. Wow, and that is over four million people in the state of Texas do not have insurance. Oklahoma second, alaska's third And it was on and off.

Speaker 1: How can that be, though? because you can't get your car registered without it being insured.

Speaker 5: Well, you can't buy a car without having insurance, so it's a lot of nefarious things, but anyways, we made the top list.

Speaker 1: Well, there's something to be proud of There you go, it's all right here, Now, if you can keep it short you got it.

Speaker 4: Well, you gave me the article last week about Mary Barra being ranked second in pay package, worth nearly or she's paid $29 million in 2022,. According to an SEC filing on Friday, barra earned half a percent less in 2021, but was the highest pay to the Detroit three CEOs in the eighth consecutive year. As GM sales and profits decline, her pay goes up. What's wrong with this picture? Okay, you're not a Mary Barra fan? No well, she was an appointee from the Obama administration in 2009. Everybody knew it As GM collapsed she was an Obama appointee.

Speaker 1: Why did GM collapse?

Speaker 5: Bad management.

Speaker 4: Because people in her position were not car people and she's not a car person As much as she says she is. she's not a car person.

Speaker 5: There's actually a TV show similar to what Mary Barrett does And it's. I don't think it's off the air now, but it was about an automotive company and their CEO and how they went about designing car. Yeah, nonsense, yeah, that's it.

Speaker 1: Speaking of EVs.

Speaker 2: EVs. People in the state of Texas, along with 30 other states, are now going to have to pay more to have an EV. As of September 1st. If you buy a new EV, you're going to have to pay an extra extra $400 registered vehicle. If you have already have an EV and you go to renew your license plate, you're going to have to pay an extra $200 to drive it in the state of Texas. Because they don't buy it, pay for gas, gas taxes to help fix the road. Now they're going to employ a tax on ownership.

Speaker 1: Time now for a quick break. We'll be right back here on the In-Wheel Time Car Talk Show on iHeart Radio. Everyone at the Tail Pipes and Tacos cruise in at the Loopy Tortilla Tex-Mex in Katie. Thank you for participating in the best cruise in around and look forward to seeing you again. You'll hear about the next cruise in date right here on In-Wheel Time. Next time you're in the West Houston Energy Corridor area, be sure and stop in at the original Loopy Tortilla Tex-Mex at I-10 and Highway 6 or the Katie location on the Grand Parkway at Kingsland Boulevard. When passing through Beaumont or College Station, stop in and have Loopy's award-winning beef fajitas and frozen margaritas. There's always a celebration at Loopy Tortilla. Loopy Tortilla founders Stan Hold and his wife Sheila are winning racers on the NHRA Drag Racing Circuit and have a collection of hot rods and classics that everyone appreciates. Look for them at the next Tail Pipes and Tacos cruise in. The date will be announced soon and will once again be held at the Loopy Tortilla Tex-Mex on 99 in Kingsland Boulevard, just south of I-10 and Katie. We'll give you all the details right here on the In-Wheel Time Car Talk Show and online Donations benefit God's Garage. We'll see you then.

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